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Joe Cooper

Meet Joe Cooper

Founder and Original "First Aid Guy"

Certified Instructor and Emergency Response Trainer. Joe spent 10 years in the Coast Guard running training teams on ships for all facets of emergency readiness from Engineering to Damage Control. Since that time, Joe has been a member and chair of GE Healthcare EHS team for Emergency Response. He has developed a superior program that helped bring VPP certification to a plant with 300+ people and zero incidents.


Meet Healix

The First Aid Guy's Wound Warrior

This plucky bandage-clad hero is always by The First Aid Guy's side, ready to lend a helping hand in any emergency. Though small in size, Healix packs a powerful punch when it comes to first aid and emergency care. He is a master of patching up wounds and injuries and knows how to keep a cool head under pressure. He is also a certified CPR expert and is able to perform life-saving techniques in the event of an emergency. He is always eager to learn and improve his skills under the guidance of "The First Aid Guy" and is determined to be as prepared as his mentor. With his quick thinking and bravery, Healix is an essential member of the first aid team and is always ready to jump into action when needed.

What We Do

Affordable and high quality CPR training and certification classes

Instructor-led or Blended learning

We cater specially to your needs for CPR, AED, First Aid, and BLS

Fun classes with real-life situations

Students gain the confidence and skills to function in a realistic emergency situation

Easy to understand course materials

We can come to you!

AHA, ARC, HSI, and NSC certified

The First Aid Guy, LLC is committed to helping your organization with all of your employee health and safety needs. From CPR, AED, and First Aid safety training programs to implementing, installing and maintaining AEDs at your workplace. Contact us to discuss how we can help you with your safety needs.

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The First Aid Guy LLC © 2022. All rights reserved.


The First Aid Guy LLC © 2022. All rights reserved.